Welcome back from the break!

I’ll explain more about the discussion leadership assignment during class. Prior to your group’s date for discussion leadership, you’ll meet with me to talk about your plans for the discussion (what you’ve noticed about the text, the kinds of questions you want to ask, etc.) You can expect the meeting to run about 45 minutes.

I strongly prefer that you arrange your team’s appointment during office hours, if that’s possible. However, I realize that my office hours might not work for everyone. To try to make things a little smoother, I’ve also set up some appointment times on my calendar. If my office hours work for your team, please have your contact person let me know the date and time. If they don’t work, please have your contact person select one (after consulting with the rest of the team, of course!) at this link: Schedule an appointment. You’ll need to be logged in to your SMC Google account for the link to work. Each group must schedule an appointment by noon on Thursday, March 24.

Group assignments and relevant dates are available in this document. Again, you’ll need to be logged in to your SMC Google account to access it.