First, the apology: though I had expected to have them ready for you, not all of you will have your essays back by class time on Monday. Some of you will (they’ll be going out in email on Monday morning). For the rest of you, I’ll return each one by email as I finish it, and I should be through them all by Tuesday evening. I’ve not been feeling my best this weekend, and there came a point when I was so tired that it simply wasn’t fair to you to continue marking.

What I was still awake enough to do competently was to finish the review sheet for Friday’s exam; you’ll find it in your Google Drive account (look in “Shared with me”). We’ll use that sheet to direct our discussion in class on Wednesday; it will be up to you to set the agenda that day.

Now, the amnesty: yes, the article review or annotated bibliography entry was supposedly due by class time on Monday, February 29. Obviously, I’m not going to get to that assignment until I’ve finished the essays. So I’m extending a reprieve: if you’re scrambling to finish tonight, don’t. Go to bed. Finish tomorrow or Tuesday. If you’ve already submitted but would like another day or two to review your work and make some changes if you think you need to, do that. I will not start working on your submissions for the assignment before 8:00 am on Wednesday, March 2. As long as your work is in by then, it’s on time.