I was not selected for the jury during yesterday afternoon’s jury selection process, so class will meet as scheduled tomorrow.

Prior to class, please consider the following questions (and jot down some notes for yourself to make it easier for you to participate in discussion):

  • What obligations do you have to your family members? How important are those obligations?
  • What obligations do you have as a member of the political community (i.e., as a citizen)?
  • Which obligations are more important: familial or political? Why?
  • What obligations does a leader of a political community have?
  • What is the purpose of law?
  • Are we always obligated to obey law? Why or why not?

After you’ve considered the questions, please begin reading Sophocles’ Antigone. Depending on how the time goes, there’s a possibility that we’ll begin discussion of the drama before we finish tomorrow.

We’ll discuss the play at length on Friday, so be sure you’ve finished it prior to Friday’s class.

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